Service charges allow the administration of communal maintenance with effective and fair recovery of costs from occupiers.

Day and Bell undertake service charge management on commercial, residential and many mixed use property developments. These involve the maintenance of communal and structural elements of the respective premises. Our clients, tenants and lessees increasingly find our expertise, commitment to service and knowledge are invaluable elements in their business, home or investment.

Investment in technology and our experienced finance team allows flexible and rigorous accounting functions to suit the most complex circumstances.

Complex questions are regularly posed on Regulation and Statutory Compliance. Concerns are also raised in relation to service charge apportionment and reconciliation. Our team of experts provide practical advice so that disputes are avoided. However, where necessary, we do attend First Tier Tribunal hearings and County Court. Our philosophy for service charge management involves clear transparent advice. Objective information is provided to all parties where our impartial advice allows us to mediate between stakeholder to strengthen the relationships between landlord and tenant.

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