Day and Bell is an industry-leading company offering property asset management and professional surveying services. We assist with all aspects of asset management for both commercial and residential instructions, with special expertise including surveying, investment, valuation, insurance, complex service change management, and landlord & tenant services.

We are here to help you make the most of your property and land investments and can assist every step of the way, from acquisition and licensing through to rent collection and maintenance. We have a depth of expertise, led by the best people with an exceptional understanding of the challenges our clients face. No job is too big or too small - we bring the same values of professionalism and quality of service to all our clients’ requests.

Our values

Our strength comes from our expertise, hard work, communication skills and transparency. We are resourceful, reliable and innovative in taking responsibility for clients’ property assets. We see our instructions as a lifelong partnership with our clients. If their property asset doesn’t work for them, we see it as our failure.

Our approach

We always look at the long-term performance of our asset management portfolio. This spirit, combined with trust and a desire to deliver added value, underpins our client relationships. We have an open door policy to our clients, and are always willing to listen, discuss and advise. No job is confined to one person - we share knowledge among our team of experts. Our clients have the comfort of knowing they can speak to any one of use concerning any aspect of their portfolio.

Our personality

We share the challenges of property ownership and management. This requires patience, good communication and sometimes a thread of humour. We occasionally need to be formidable; in other instances, friendly. We remain eternally committed to achieving the best results for our clients.

Our sureyors

Day and Bell is made up of a dedicated team of chartered surveyors, consultants and property experts. 

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